$25 Teachers pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway

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Hi, and thanks for visiting ūüôā

Want to win a $25 gift card to Teachers pay Teachers?

The TpT gift card can be used for any Teachers pay Teachers items, not just my store (but I sure would appreciate your business!).

If you’re already following my shop, then you will automatically receive the gift card entry link in your TpT Inbox, on or around June 15. ¬†Just make sure you haven’t turned off notifications for shops you follow.

If you aren’t following my shop yet, here are the free, simple¬†steps to enter the giveaway:

  1. Visit my Mathematic Fanatic shop on TpT.
  2. Log in to your TpT account, or, if you are not already a member, make a free account.
  3. Click the ‚ÄúFollow Me‚ÄĚ button. It¬†is located underneath my shop title, and it¬†looks like this:follow

On or around June 15, all of my followers will receive a message from me in your TpT Inbox.  It will include a link to enter the $25 TpT gift card giveaway, via the free Rafflecopter website.  Again, only those who follow my shop will receive the chance to enter.

If you win, I will contact you by email, and you will receive the gift card code that you can copy and paste during the TpT checkout process.

Thanks for following me, and good luck!