End of the Year Math Ideas – Part 1

These are the try that try men’s souls…especially if he or she is a Math teacher trying to keep kids learning and entertained through the end of the school year!

You’re probably finished with all the required curriculum, or you’re awfully close.  So, what do you do now?

I have assembled a huge list of Math activities to wrap up the school year.  main thumbThey’re all actual, justifiable  learning activities that can’t be tossed aside as just “fluff”.  But they’re fun, easy, and engaging, which is what your students need with only a couple weeks of school left.  If you want to grab them all, at a discount, just click on the picture:

In this entry, I’m going to tell you about my Illustrated Math Dictionary.

Your students can create their own illustrated Math dictionary. Students can proudly show off all they have learned in your Math class with this simple yet powerful culminating activity. Use it at the end of each unit, quarter, semester, or year.

The key to this product is the dictionary TEMPLATE. Easy to cut, fold, and use, my template will save you and your students lots of dictionary main thumbtime and stress.

All you have to do is print the pages, 2-sided. Your students only have to make 1 horizontal cut per page. It’s that easy! Your students will write, draw, color, and easily assemble their dictionaries.

Assign a few pages a day or the whole thing at once. Your students will enjoy it, and you will be left with minimal work. Have fun!

I display the directions on the Promethean Board each day while kids are working:displayed on promethean board

Here are some more pictures of students’ work:

dictionary thumb 4dictionary thumb 3





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