The First Days of School

Well, it’s August.  Those words may set off alarm bells in your head!  August

But, don’t worry.  If worse comes to worst, just fake it til you make it!  As long as you keep your cool and you don’t let anyone know you’re in a panic, it’s all going to be ok.

I’m heading in to school on Monday.  I don’t have to officially report for another week, but I like getting ahead of the game.  I’ll do the normal classroom setup, with desks, chairs, bulletin boards, and maybe even some copying.

But I always try to do something new.  This is going to be year 16 for me, and trying at least one new idea in my classroom keeps things fresh and interesting.  Last year I created a “Finished Early? Try This!” board (which will be covered in an upcoming post).

After reading The First Days Of School: How To Be An Effective Teacher, I decided to always make it a point to try something new a different at the start of each school year.  Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned (grizzled?) veteran, I highly recommend this excellent teacher book. Trying something new is just one of the many excellent tips in this oldie but goodie.

There areFirst Days Of Schoo 1000’s of reviews on Amazon.  I can’t recommend it enough!  I received the book as a gift from one of my previous school districts, when I was hired.  At the time, I thought I knew everything.  After all, I had taught a whopping 5 years!  What else could there possibly be to learn?  After reading this whole book in just a day or two, I was filled with new ideas, reminders of best practices which I had forgotten, and new twists on teaching techniques.

There is a new cover (not pictured here), but this 3rd edition can be had for as little as $0.01 on Amazon, before shipping.  One penny!  Buy it.  It’s a quick and actually exciting read.  It will help you realize that you’re not alone and that you can dominate this school year.

When do you go back to school?  Have you read this book or others that you recommend?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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