My Favorites – Dry Erase Calendar

I’ve taught 6th grade for 16 years.  When I started, I inherited a big box of bulold calendarletin board materials, borders, holiday signs, posters, and semi-usable sundries.

One of the things in there was a laminated wall calendar.  It looked sort of like this, but with a few missing pieces, and lots of wear and tear.  I remembered having one like this when I was in elementary school, so I assumed that I should just go with it and hang it up.  Sometimes I used sticky-tac to attach the numbers.  Other times tape worked.  But every month, a number or two would fall off, guaranteed.

And, I really didn’t like changing it each month.  Digging in the box to find the monthly sign, then unattaching and reattaching all the numbers got old really fast.  Plus, you know what?  I don’t think the kids cared one bit!  They never looked at it anyway.  I knew, because every day, kids would still ask what the date was.  (You know what I’m talking about!)dry erase calendar.jpg

So, I decided to simplify and upgrade to a dry erase calendar.  It’s so
much better!  There are lots of varieties available. Here’s the one I bought on Amazon, from Educational Insights.  You can hang it or attach it withmagnets.  It’s very slick, so the dry erase marker comes off easily, despite being up there a month at a time.  I can still highlight certain dates, write “No School”, or dress it up however I’d like, but it takes just a minute or two, rather than all the time spent on the more traditional calendar pictured above.

And when you’re a teacher, you know how valuable every minute of your free time can be!  Plus, I must admit, I do get some satisfaction from marking off each dathink board dry erase calendary as it passes.

Today, I discovered a company called Think Board, who offers dry erase materials in sheet form, like this calendar. Pretty cool!

Do you use a dry erase calendar or the traditional kind?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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