My Favorites – Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

A few years ago, I was helping a colleague at her desk, and I noticed that her desk top was really neat.  I keep a very clean, clutter-free desk, but I still noticed that something was better about using her keyboard a mouse.  Then it hit me: she had a wireless keyboard and mouse!wireless keyboard

I had to have one.

How many times has your mouse cord got caught or tangled?  How many times do you adjust your keyboard, only to have the cord knock something over?

When we’re limited to spending most of our time in one room, I think we should make that space as convenient, functional, and pleasant as possible.

Besides, do you want your desk to look like this?messy desk cords

You can grab a really nice wireless keyboard and mouse combo for about $35 on Amazon or at Best Buy.  I have one at combo and home and another at work.  They are two different Logitech models, and they both work great.  I have seen some for as low as $20.  I think it’s money well spent, for years of conveneince and functionality.

You just insert a small usb dongle (yes, that’s what it’s called), into a usb port.  So, just plug it in, like you would a usb stick.  The drivers will install themselves after a few minutes, and you will have a wireless mouse and keyboard ready to go!  They both use regular batteries (AA or AAA), which last for years.  You don’t have to turn them off when you’re finished, but you can if you want to clean them off.

Do you have any favorite gadgets that you recommend?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments.



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