Installing Fonts to Make your Work Look Awesome!

font examplesWhen my colleagues find out I have made most of my own materials, or when they find out I have a store on Teachers pay Teachers, a lot of times they will ask me where I get my fonts.

While there are lots of great, free sites to download fonts, I’m going to show you how you can download fonts from my favorite font site,, and install them on a Windows computer.

Most people don’t realize how easy it is to download and use a fun, new font in just a minute or two!

First, go to website

Next, browse the categories, or use the search box to look up a specific font.


When you find a font you like, click the download button.

dafont download


Navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer.  Double-click on the .zip folder. You will recognize it as having the same name as the font you selected.

dafont DL folder


You don’t need to actually unzip any files.  You can just double click on the .tff file.  The .tff file extension just stands for True Type Font.

dafont TFF file

A new window should open, and you should see the font displayed in various sizes.

dafont install

Just click the Install button, and in a few seconds, the font will be installed.

That’s it!

Just open Word or any other program that allows you to select a font, and your new font will be there as an option.

dafont in Word


There’s one thing to keep in mind: If you save a Word document in which you use the new font, then try to open the document on a different computer, the font will not appear unless the font is installed in both machines.  So, either install it on all the computers you will use to edit the document, or save your work as a pdf, by selecting File, Save As, then using the dropdown menu to choose PDF.

save as pdf


Now that you know how to install a font, I just want to remind you to please be sure to check and read-me files included in the download, to learn about the rights associated with using the fonts in your own materials.

If you have another font site that you like or a certain font you prefer, please let me know in the comments section.


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